Teaching Practice

As teaching practice plays a central role in achieving the general goals of teachers’ education, the college introduced it as compulsory course that is required from every student-teacher to be awarded a certificate. This is a temporary period of teaching that is undertaken by a person being trained as a teacher. Therefore, the college has a four-week teaching practice at the end of the semester three. In the college, the teaching practice has pre-requisite as below:

  • Having completed semester three courses and performed well.
  • Having covered general instruction course, specific subject teaching methods, conducting micro-teaching exercises and attending teaching practice workshop.
  • Attending an assigned school and teaching assigned topics within limited time of the teaching practice period.
  • Being assessed by at least two-three tutors of the college during the teaching practice.

The college has a well-developed supervision tool that is used to assess   the performance of student-teachers. The college employed quantitative data through check list for classroom performance of the teachers in order to supervise the extent of the knowledge and skills of the student-teachers. The assessment also used observation in order to obtain first hand data. The areas of assessment include Preparation, Introducaton, Lesson Development, Resource, Personality, Conclusion and Records.

It is necessary before sending student-teachers into schools to conduct teaching practice workshop to equip them all the necessary knowledge and skills that are required in the classroom teaching. For this reason, on 9th to 11th of February, the college held a three-day workshop on teaching practice. This was interactive workshop which involved ten tutors to facilitate this workshop the participatory approach.

This was followed by one week of microteaching in the college from 13th to 18th February 2016. This microteaching is aimed at assessing student-teachers performance before actual classroom teaching. Every one of them is assigned to prepare scheme of work, lesson plan and deliver a lesson. After teaching the student-teachers were given positive feedback from student-teachers and tutors.

On 22nd February 2016, the Vice Minister of Education, Dr. Mohamed Ali and Director of Teacher Education, Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed made remarks on teaching practice. They gave advice to students teachers towards actual teaching classroom.


Also, the college principal made remarks on the importance of teaching practice. After this event, student-teachers were supplied with materials such as exercise books, flip charts, marker pen, mask tape, teaching aids and they also were distributed into a number of schools at Garowe and out of Garowe such as Burtinle, Kalabayr and Dangorayo. A total of 294 student-teachers participated in the teaching practice with 9 schools that five of which were in Garowe and the rest out of Garowe city.

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Various farewell ceremonies were held at the end of teaching practice by the targeted schools to appreciated student-teachers effort. Student-teachers were given certificate of recognition.  Similarly, the college held a closing ceremony that attracted all the school head-teachers in Garowe, Regional Education Officers and Director of Teacher Education. All the speakers from schools and ministry of education strongly appreciated teaching practice and they acknowledged that GTEC offered high quality training as well as student-teachers who were considered resourceful teachers that will contribute more in the field of education and social development in general. Some of student-teachers were selected as part-time teachers at the week end to the respective schools. The principal of the college appreciated and the welcomed the   head teachers and ministry of education, especially, Nugal Regional Education Officer and Director of Teachers Education and the distinguish guest.

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