4th Graduation Ceremony

A total of 294 teachers have graduated in this academic year. All the graduates completed a two-year program either pre-service or in-service training. The president of Puntland state, Dr. Abdiweli Ali, Minister of Education, Abshir Yusuf, Vice minister, Dr. Mohamed Ali, MPs, scholars, representatives from college... more →
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Teaching Practice

As teaching practice plays a central role in achieving the general goals of teachers’ education, the college introduced it as compulsory course that is required from every student-teacher to be awarded a certificate. This is a temporary period of teaching that is undertaken by a person being trained as a teacher. Therefore, the... more →
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Workshop on Gender sensitivity in teaching higher education

On 30th March 2016, a five-day workshop on Gender sensitivity in teaching higher education was held at the college. The participants consisted of lecturers of four higher education institutions in Puntand including GTEC. Also, undergraduate students of higher education institutions in Garowe have attended the workshop. The workshop... more →
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Spiritual Campaigns, a head of Thursday’s GTECSO Election

Student Election Day
Waves of campaigns have engulfed the learning institution as a new system of student leadership is endorsed by the Independent Electoral Committee (IEC). The new system stipulates student’s presidential candidates to campaign in form of panel with minimum of five core executive members of their cabinets. The system has aroused... more →
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Somalia: Long term work brings education

The international attention for the starving people at the Horn of Africa is almost gone. But for Diakonia and its local partner organizations the long term work for development goes on. Here an interview with Diakonia’s country representative in Somalia, Stephen Ndichu. Why has there been such a difference in how the drought... more →
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In ka badan 1500 Macalimiin ah oo ka soo baxey Kulliyadda Tababarka Macalimiinta iyo Jaamacadda Bariga Africa

Garoowe:-Kulliyadda Tababarka Macalimiinta Puntland GTEC ayaa waxaa tababar Macalimino lagu tababarey Macalimiin gaareysa 750 kuwaas oo wax ka dhigi doona Dugsiyada kala duwan ee Puntland. Maamulaha GTEC Cabdirisaq Shoole, ayaa waxa uu sheegey in ay filayaan in ay wax badan ku kordhiyaan Iskuulaadka kala duwan ee Puntland oo u baahan... more →
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