GTEC 3rd Graduation Ceremony – 20 May 2015

On 20th May 2015, Garowe Teachers Education College organized a high profile colorful ceremony to confer diploma awards to 119 teachers comprising of both in-service and pre-service program the college offers.

The ceremony was honored by distinguished delegates; representatives from the ministry of education, graduands, current students, parents, teachers, school heads and representatives from other universities. Likewise, The minister and the deputy minister of the ministry of education and higher education attended the ceremony as guest of honors.

The Principal of the college, Mr. Abdurrahman Sheik Ali, gave welcoming remarks and brief account of the college status. He said, “The college is making tangible progress in delivering quality teacher education services.”

The principal highlighted the diverse composition of the teachers and in his remarks he said, “They are specializing in secondary teacher and primary teacher- the secondary teacher trainees further comprise of special subjects in secondary school.” He added, “They are Biology and Chemistry, Physics and Math and History and Geography”

Since its inception, the college has produced more than one thousand students who are currently a pool of resources at national school, government institutions, and international agencies in diverse fields of occupation.

GTEC Board chairperson gave a brief account on the current status of the college since the college was institutionalized as national institution.

The Board chairperson gave a word of advice and he said, “To the graduates I cannot emphasize too much the importance of continuing to learn and continue to apply knowledge and continuing to seek new ways of doing things. Learning is from the womb to the tomb.”

The Board chairperson has congratulated to the graduates for making it to the end. He said, “Congratulations to the graduates for setting goals, for applying themselves, for overcoming (undoubtedly) obstacles and for succeeding.”

The Vice minister, Dr. Mohamed Ali Farah, Ministry of education and higher education gave an outstanding remarks on the significance of teachers education and teaching as a noble profession. He remarked, “The best teacher is always the most compassionate and dedicated and not the most talented teacher.”

The Minister, ministry of education and higher education, Hon. Ali Haji Warsame honored the occasion with remarkable speech. The minister thanked the college management for their commitment, dedication and determination in realizing the need of teacher education in Puntland and their continues effort in providing quality services

The minister expressed the commitment of his ministry in supporting GTEC to realize it visionary statement to be a leading centre in teacher education, training and research.

The minster remarked that the college is a national institution, He said “ The college is a governmental institute and synonymous to Lafoole and other national institutions,”

The minster also highlighted the struggle the ministry is striving to excel the need to improve the standard of education in Puntland. He said, “The ministry has secured e-library for 9 universities and the ministry head quarter.”

The ceremony was very successful in many aspects.


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