About GTEC


Garowe Teacher Education College (GTEC) is a teacher Education College established in 2005, located in Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia. The Board of governance manages the college on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Since 2005, GTEC had conducted various training; pre-service, in-service and short courses. Since its establishment, the college has trained more than 1358 teachers (both pre-services and in-services), it has also provided short course around 1000 teachers and head teachers. The main goal of the college is to improve access and participation to quality primary and secondary education in Somalia.


As a result of the training, there are direct improvements in teaching and learning both at the college and in the schools. The evidence from the field shows that college had made a huge impact on students’ performance and enrolments. Some of the graduates are employed in various ministries (public service) or INGO in Puntland.


The main purpose of the college is to establish a sustainable and adequate pool of qualified teachers for the primary and secondary schools in Puntland and the entire Somalia.



  • To be a center of excellence and the leading institutions in teachers education. training and research.



  • To develop a sustainable pool of qualified teachers in Somalia through teacher education, training and research in order to improve the quality of education.



  • To improve access and participation to quality primary and secondary education in Somalia.


The objectives of the College are to:

  • Increase the number of qualified teachers who are equipped with updated pedagogical skills.
  • Assist MOE to establish sustainable and adequate pool of qualified teachers for primary and secondary in Somalia.
  • Develop viable and cost effective teacher training programmes suitable for specific target group in Somalia.
  • Increase number of qualified female teachers in primary and secondary schools in Puntland.
  • Show case and document best practice in teacher education and training in Somalia.
  • Promote synergy in teachers education and training in Somalia by establishing viable linkages and partnership


Core Values

  • A just society where all human being irrespective of clan and gender have a right to a life of dignity.
  • A firm belief in the innate good and potential of all people irrespective of their ethnicity and gender


College Structure

The organizational structure of Garowe Teacher Education College(GTEC) is designed to achieve the institution’s mission, goals, and priorities of promoting high student achievement while supporting teamwork and fostering an atmosphere of   professionalism. The organizational chart also includes college employees by unit, from the Board of Governance and down through all levels of the organizational structure of the college.