7th Graduation Ceremony

7th Graduation Ceremony was held on 24th Oct 2020 at GTEC, Hon. State minister, Mr. Abdullahi Hassan Roble Members of Parliament, Head of universities, government officers, GTEC BOG, representatives from UN agencies and INGO, scholars, elders, women organization, guardians and GTEC staff and students, and other distinguee guests attended the ceremony. Graduates consisted of the following:

325 In-service Primary Teachers (GPE Cohort 3)

156 Pre-Service Primary Teachers (GPE Cohort 1 & 2)

46 Pre-Service Secondary Teachers.

UNICEF Supported through GPE Grant in Puntland 975 In-Service Primary Teachers, 156 Pre-service Primary Teachers and 270 Head Teachers from 2017 – 2020

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