4th Graduation Ceremony

A total of 294 teachers have graduated in this academic year. All the graduates completed a two-year program either pre-service or in-service training.

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The president of Puntland state, Dr. Abdiweli Ali, Minister of Education, Abshir Yusuf, Vice minister, Dr. Mohamed Ali, MPs, scholars, representatives from college partners, guardians, students, graduates attended the graduation ceremony.


52 female primary teachers have completed a two-year in-service primary teacher course. The teachers were selected from primary school in all regions of Puntland expect Gadafu region.


This training was financed by UNICEF through GPE fund with technical support from the ministry of education and higher education. The graduation was on 30th January 2016. The vice minister of education, Dr. Mohamed Ali, director general of education, head of UNICEF Somalia, Dr. Dayib have made closing remarks about the graduation. Also, the college principal was among one of the speakers of the graduation event and he made brief history of the training, its achievement and challenges. He finally, asked ministry of education and UNICEF to prolong the training in order to upgrade level of education of the graduates up to bachelor degree


33 female primary teachers have completed their two years training through in-service mode. The training was financed by Relief International under ECEP project that was funded by DFID. On 6th June, the college organized graduation event that attracted officer from Relief International, Director of Teachers Education, College Principal and a numbers of tutors who facilitated the training.


A total number of 294 teachers completed a diploma in education after two years teacher training. This comprised 122 primary school teachers and 172 secondary school teachers. The primary teachers specialized either in science or arts after completion one year of general primary teaching areas. As for the secondary school teachers, it consists of 12 teachers specialized in math and physics, 35 teachers specialized in biology-chemistry and 25 teachers majored in history-geography. 116 teachers sponsored by Care international through WWI-phase I project (EU) and SOMGEP project (DFID). 11 primary school teachers were given sponsorships by the ministry of education and the college through free education. In terms of secondary teachers, 36 female teachers were sponsored by Mercy Corps under SYLI program(USAID fund), 20 teachers was sponsored by Care International under WWI-phase one project(EU fund) and the rest(81) teachers were sponsored by the college and the ministry of education through free education schema. This graduation held at GTEC on 25 July 2016.

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